An Introduction to Smart Locks – The Future of Locksmith Services.

One would wonder what a smart lock is and what it would be used for, but there are new needs every day that the perpetrators discover a new way to foil our devices that protect us. Thus the entrance of smart locks.

In a nutshell, a smart lock gives you the ability to control who can and who cannot enter your home, your apartment, your business without using keys or codes, and you control everything from your smartphone.

Smart locks can be set to take place in setting the lock of a car, a house, an electronic device or anything else of value from a smartphone. Smart locks can be put on your door, your windows and just about anything with your smartphone. For example if you are at work and you need to admit your housekeeper, you can set a specific time and when she arrives you can see her on the camera beamed to your smartphone, and then let her in.

smartlock-locksmith-goldcoastYou can preset the time, or just let her in manually as she shows up. Changing access or changing the time is effortless, if for example she fails to show up, you simply change the settings from your smartphone at work.

If for some reason you lose your smartphone or drop it into the commode, you can call a central answering point and have things reconstituted to a new phone, or have all the locks revert back to a keyed entry system.

When the system is at work, you will never have to dig into your pocket for keys again, as it can be rigged so that the door will unlock as you approach the door. Actually, you can lock or unlock your door from any location in the world.

The application can even send pictures of visitors to your door at home to your smartphone, so you can see who is there in real time. You will have total control from your remote location, wherever that might be.

The potential applications are endless, and the utility is very convenient as the process is very simple, or is it? It does require a bit of organization on your part to keep track of the different combinations of setups, assuming that you have more than one door, window, or entrance way to lock. Then you will have to remember what your settings are.

The potential of having your smartphone physically misplaced or stolen also raises concern, because if a criminally minded person got your smartphone, he or she could have access to your total array of locks on everything.

Perhaps your car, your house, your office, and anything else that you have that is valuable enough to lock. The way around that problem is to have a backup phone stored away safely so that you could go to it and “re key” all of the previous locks that were set up.

If you are on the go and need to be able to have others get access to your property, smart locks might be just what you need.

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