oh, you've got grey eyes

last night, in an attempt to keep myself from sleeping for too long, and since dave's out of town for the holiday, i slept on the couch in the living room. i figured the combination of it not being as comfortable as my bed, the fact that my apartment is cold, and the light coming in the windows would help out.

it didn't. not really, anyway. and that's unfortunate, since i have quite a bit that i need to do before i go to ohio on thursday. maybe tonight i'll sleep in the bathtub...maybe that'll help.

so pete townshend reviewed the new publication of kurt cobain's journals. according to the tinnitus sufferer and rock opera-maker, they are "a despicable exercise in sensationalist rock necrophilia." he he.

i was actually going to throw a little dig on townshend there, but that would take away from my agreement with the statement, so i'll just move on now.

you know, downloading single mp3s has never made me feel all that guilty. it's just sampling, right? like when those old ladies give you a sample of hummus on whole-wheat crackers at the grocery store, except it's musical. the problem is when i started downloading entire albums. now i feel guilty.

the paradox is that i wouldn't feel guilty if i was downloading, say, eminem or creed or metallica or something like that. but at the same time, if i were downloading something like that, i'd run a greater risk of getting in trouble. that's a paradox, isn't it?

our lives are deer blocking the lane

we can just sit back and watch it all go up in flames

until every note, every chord sounds the same.