What a wonderful puddle

i just wanted to say that, after my test tomorrow (for which i am woefully under-prepared), i will be picking up a tape of the latest episode of gilmore girls from my new personal hero, shelby, at work.

and i also think that pitchfork picking sonic youth's daydream nation as the best album of the 1980s is pure crap. but i have a feeling that everyone already knows that i really don't like those wankers. joy division, closer, all the way. or maybe every rem album released in the 1980s. maybe.

and abigail was right...."the bad doctor" is one of the finer mountain goats songs ever.

i feel dead from the neck up.

it's funny that while dave has managed to get himself into a fairly normal sleep schedule, i've been spending the past couple of weeks lapsing into a later and later frame of sleepy time. actually, that's not funny at all. just odd.

so after futzing with my computer for several hours this evening, i finally managed to get my e-mail program (eudora, if you're curious) to work without fighting with amusiac's mail server or anything. i'm still not sure what exactly went wrong, but the usual computer maxim that if something goes wrong, keep reinstalling and rebooting until something works again...that maxim worked.

here's a question for you: when you receive a wedding invitation, and it says "and guest" at the end of your name, is it understood that that guest is your significant other? that is, if one were to invite a friend of the same sex as their guest, would that be some sort of breach of nuptial etiquette?

i'm still learning these things.

as apparent in the comments on my last post, vasant, niles, and i have some thoughts on why jess is not the right man for rory on gilmore girls. if anyone had told me years ago that my life would eventually come to this, i would have run away screaming. i swear. but seriously, jess? c'mon.

when the web is quiet

on a moonlit night.

there is phantom code

on the master's site.

some say it's spiders,

or a bot from hell.

like hell!

it's finnegan.