The woe-ness, not the whoa-ness

so a tooth has started hurting. i can't tell if it's the one that i got filled about a month ago or not--teeth are funny like that. if it is, well then, i am going to go marching in to my dentist's office, demanding that he fix it while simultaneously glossing over the fact that i haven't paid them the $300 (after insurance--does that tell you how much work i've had done?) that i still owe them. if it's not the same tooth, well then, shit.

either way, it starts again. dammit.

in other information, it's almost 5:00 right now, and i realize that while i have a day off tomorrow (today officially, but whatever), i have to be at work at 9:30 on saturday morning. i will not talk about how the scheduling at work keeps me from having a normal sleep schedule at all, and instead point out that i now have a dilemma. i need to wake up fairly early on friday (today, but again, whatever), but i've had trouble, well, waking up.

so if you want to help me out, feel free to give me a phone call at about noon-ish, central time. my number's in the book, so to speak.

this is also a pathetic attempt to get phone calls that don't involve telling me who to vote for or give my money to.

apparently, the judge in the microsoft trial is set to deliver her decision friday (don't you understand what i mean yet?!?) after the markets close. here's hoping a smackdown is in the works.